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Wine and Sunshine Kitchen Textiles, 18×28″, set of 3


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100% Cotton dishtowels and dishcloths are ultra-absorbent, durable and handy for mopping up in the kitchen or anywhere else a spill may occur. Fast drying towels produce minimal lint and are great for drying dishes and glasses, as well as for general kitchen duty. With each wash, these towels become more absorbent, helping to clean up even the biggest messes. These towels are available in an assortment of colors so you can mix and match. dishtowels are made with high quality 100% cotton with tight knit allow for less lint on your glass or plates. The perfect dishtowel for your daily kitchen use for holding up to your tough kitchen grease, dirt, food and more. The material and construction provides long lasting dish towels and dish cloths that you can use over and over again.

3 reviews for Wine and Sunshine Kitchen Textiles, 18×28″, set of 3

  1. Malvin


  2. Fanny

    One of my favorites

  3. Amorin

    I love it

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